May 28, 2011

Key Lime Cheesecake Bars a Great Summertime Treat

These are easy and so very good. Everyone will love them.


6 squares low-fat honey graham crackers, finely crushed (about 1/2 a cup)
2 Tbsp. margarine, melted
1 tsp. sugar
1 small box of sugar-free lime-flavored gelatin
3/4 cup boiling water
1 16 oz container small curd cottage cheese
1 8 oz fat free cream cheese softened
1 8 oz container fat free whipped dessert topping
Key lime or just limes to put on top this is optional

In a bowl combine graham crackers, margarine, and sugar. Press crumb mixture in the bottom of a 9 X 9 square baking dish. Refrigerate while preparing filling. I double it and used a 9 x 13 pan.

In a bowl combine gelatin and water. Stir until gelatin is dissolved. set aside.

In the blender combine cottage cheese and cream cheese. Cover and blend or process until smooth, stopping several times to scrape down sides. Whisk 1/2 cup of the cottage cheese mixture into the gelatin mixture. Whisk in remaining cottage cheese mixture until smooth. Fold in whipped dessert topping. Spoon filling over chilled crumb mixture.

Cover and refrigerate 8 to 24 hours. Cut into squares and top with a little piece of Key Lime or lime.

Sorry I didn't have more pictures of making this yummy dessert. I was making it in a hurry I forgot. I did remember at the end before eating it.

May 6, 2011

Cheese Making

I was out there surfing the Internet today and stumble across a interesting post on cheese making kits. I wish I could remember where I was and I would link to it. For some reason I keep thinking about it and ended up Googling cheese making. All kinds of wonderful sites came up. I had no idea that making cheese was so easy and that you could just do it in your home. I love cheese. I crave cheese. I think it would be fun as a hobby to make my own cheese. Right now I'm way to busy with the kid's, the yard and garden, working and the rest of life's craziness. I thought I would share some of what I found.

For one this site was interesting cheese making for beginners. It really explained the science of cheese making. They also explained what you would need just from your kitchen to start with.

I also found kit's on sale at other sites. I thought they were very reasonable and came with everything you would need. I think the kit below is what I would start out with. It has a book and all the goodies I would need.

I found this kit at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. They have been helping cheese makers since 1978. The sell on their website books, kits, DVD's equipment, package deals and much more. The site is very easy to move around and explore all that they have to offer.

This kit contents: CONTENTS: Home Cheese Making (B1) Basket Mold (M222), Vegetable Rennet Tablets (R4), Mesophilic DS Starter (C101), Thermophilic DS Starter (C201), Mini Budget Thermometer (E6), 1/2oz. Calcium Chloride (C14), 1 yd Re-usable Cheesecloth (U1), Dairy Thermometer (E3), Butter Muslin (U2), Citric Acid (C13), Vegetable Rennet Tablets (R4), Cheese Salt (S1), Two Recipe Booklets.

Price: $64.95

Has anyone made their own cheese?