Sep 6, 2011

Food For Your Health

My mom, my uncle and my grandmother all died from Alzheimer. My mom died in 2007 and she didn't even know who I was or where she was. I'm very afraid that I will end up with Alzheimer. When ever I see information on anything that can help stop Alzheimer I stop and read it and see if I can use the information.

I was reading Woman's World and they said that recent studies in the Journal of Alzheimer's Research show that up to four cups of coffee daily prevents the brain degeneration that leads to loss of memory and diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The reason why is caffeine blocks the buildup of cholesterol in the brain that causes cells to become less elastic, plus it stems the production of damaging enzymes that contribute to Alzheimer's and reverses the early effects of Parkinson's by destroying harmful proteins.

I guess this would be something easy to do if you liked coffee. I do not like coffee at all. I don't like to even take a sip. But maybe I could get the caffeine from something else....I'll have to look into that.

Foods can play a big part for good health.


siteseer said...

who needs coffee.... can you say 'chocolate' ? lol

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