Apr 13, 2011

Jungle Jim's International Market

Last weekend we went to Cincinnati, OH for a baseball tournament. We did have a little extra time to do some sightseeing. Just down the road from our hotel was a place called Jungle Jim's International Market. The guys took the kid's over to the baseball fields and us girls headed over to Jungle Jim's. Jungle Jim's is huge! There is food from all over the world here plus a normal everyday grocery store. There was also fun displays for each area. This is from the Jungle Jim's website: Discover a World of Food and More! Jungle Jim's International Market is a superstore unlike any other you've ever experienced. Explore our miles of aisles to find all the hidden gems of the Jungle. With 1 1/2 acres of produce, 50,000 international products and cigars from 70 countries, there is so much to discover. At Jungle Jim's we also offer more gift shops, restaurants and conveniences than any other supermarket in the region. Dazzling displays of fresh produce, aisles of wine and beer, artisan breads, exotic spices and more are around every corner. Enjoy freshly baked goods hot from the oven, food demonstrations and made-to-order delicacies from our Sub Shop. Be amazed by our selection of fresh-caught seafood, meat, deli products, imported cheeses and international foods - plus all the groceries and household items usually found in a supermarket. Just when you think you've seen everything, wander through our Candy Department and be serenaded by Elvis the Lion, learn new culinary techniques in our Cooking School and even create your own fresh bouquet in our Greenhouse. We love to watch Chopped on the Food Network. I found many idea's from Chopped here at Jungle Jim's . I hope we do this tournament next year because I want to go back to Jungle Jim's. Next time I'm going to have a list of thing I want to get.


siteseer said...

wow! I'm exhausted just looking at it without even walking it lol. Very cool.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Cool!!! I want to go!!