Feb 12, 2011

I'm SO Excited to do my First Reveiw for CSNStores.com

I'm very excited that I have been asked to do my first review for CSNStores.com. Here on Cook and Dine with us and my other blog Crazy Mom with 4 Boys. CSN has 200+ stores and I have found has anything you may need or want. I love to shop and I had so much fun looking at all kinds of items at the CSN Stores. I had a long wish list and I have narrowed it down to the items below. What do you think I should get and review?

Right away when I was given this opportunity to buy something to review I thought about measuring cups. When I went looking at all the CSN Stores I found many that I really liked. Now I just have to figure out which one would be best for us.

These measuring cups are really nice too! Oh which one would be best is now the question.

Just the other day Phil said we really needed some new baking sheets. I found this nice one by Rachael Ray that is way nicer then what we have now. I think Phil would love this.

There also is a Rachael Ray Yum-O 3 piece bakeware set. This is really nice too. I could use all of these.

I found this Rachael Ray covered casserole and fell in love with it. It's 4.25 QT and comes in orange, yellow, red, green and blue. Oh my how do I pick what color they are all so pretty.

I have been looking at the Rachael Ray 9 X 13 stoneware lasagna pan for about a month but I just can't pick what color I should get green or orange? It also comes in blue and yellow.

I was also thinking maybe a old fashion looking popcorn popper would be fun. We have a tiki bar I made on our deck. I was thinking this would be fun on the tiki bar for when we have parties. Then we could make popcorn out on the deck for our friends and family.

As you can see I'm going to have a hard time picking. I'm sure when you go to CSNStores.com and look around you will have a long wish list of your own. Heck maybe we should just buy everything on our wish list and not have to pick.

Be watching for my review on a couple of the above items. Now I just have to figure out what I'm ordering and review them. This is so much fun!


jenn said...

I like the covered pan...I almost got that for my first review. I can't wait to see what you decide on.

Tammy said...

But what color do you think?