Feb 6, 2011

Ham Roll-ups

These are something we have made for years. Everyone loves them. They are really great for tailgating parties.

cream cheese, room temperature
Miracle Whip
large flour tortillas
green onions
deli ham

You will see that I don't have measurements next to the ingredients. This is one of those things that you just put on as much as you like on.
Get out a tortilla and spread cream cheese on it.
Then add Miracle Whip on top of the cream cheese. Bradford was just staying that at his work they put ranch dressing on not Miracle Whip. That sounds good too. We will have to try that sometime.

Then chop up the green onions and sprinkle them on top.

Next add ham.

Don't make it to full of ham or they become hard to roll.
Once you have everything on the tortilla roll them up.

After rolled cut on a little bit of a angle. Then place on your serving plate. Refrigerate till served.

Everyone will love these yummy easy to eat appetizer.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I used to make those too - but I forgot about them! I loved them too.. Thanks for reminding me! they are yummy!

siteseer said...

what could be easier

Silvergirl said...

so easy and yummy :)

jenn said...

I make something similar, with just the ham and cream cheese...I am going to have to try your recipe. It makes it a bit more substantial adding the tortilla.